Baby Love: Carly

Carly was created from the “Tibby” sculpt by Donna RuBert.  I actually bought this sculpt the better part of six months ago to practice new paint techniques with, but she turned out so cute I just had to let her go. (I’m pathetic…)

This is the biggest baby I have created thus far.  She wears a size 18 months and she is 31″ tall!  Her size made me SO nervous!  I worried that her skin tone wouldn’t be smooth due to the fact that I constantly ran out of mixed paint and when I mixed more it seemed to be a different shade! UGH!

Carly also has the longest hair of any of my babies.  I used 12″ human hair and I LOVE it!  It is very soft and manageable, but I truly despise the amount of dye in it, and it took seemingly forever to get the excess out.

I had a sweet little pastel-colored wardrobe selected for her, but to my chagrin her dresses would not fit her as they all had cap sleeves! Carly has 3/4 limbs so she needed regular short sleeves.  I was too impatient to go shopping for her again, so I opted to use her Onesie and tutu skirt for her photo shoot.

I think she turned out SO well and I really enjoyed creating her.  She’s already gone home with her sister Faith to New Jersey and I’m looking forward to working on more big babies this year.

Thanks for looking!


Baby Love: Gabriella

This ADORABLE reborn baby was created from the “Cookie” sculpt by Donna RuBert.
I LOVE this baby’s face!  However, I was a bit nervous about the coloring of her tongue as this was the first baby I’ve worked on with the tongue out. LOL.  I think it turned out fine in the end.

Gabriella is a big, chubby baby at 9 months old, 26″ long, and weighs 8 lbs.  She has 3/4 arms, 3/4 bent legs and a doe suede body. She has soft, jet black curly mohair (that I neglected to wash thoroughly beforehand and the dye rubbed off onto her skin!  Getting it off was a nightmare!), hand-painted eyebrows, long, wispy lashes, blue-gray eyes and the most ADORABLE DIMPLES!

Believe it or not, I shopped for her layette before she was even painted! (You all knowm e by now…)  Happily, she’s already at home with her new Mommy in California. I miss her already!

Baby Love: Dakota

During one of my sewing “breaks” I decided to work on one of the reborn kits I’ve been hoarding.  I promised myself that this is really my last break, because I MUST get some dresses cranked out before summer is over.  We will see how that goes….

In the meantime, may I introduce Dakota.  He is a sweet 17” newborn sculpt by Michelle Fagan.   I thought his facial expression was so unique, almost like he is going to let out a tiny little “pick me up and cuddle me” cry at any moment!

I tried a different technique for his skin tone as I was trying to create a Native American look.  While I’m not convinced of the authenticity, I really like the way it turned out.  (Now I just have to remember what I did. Lol)  This time I used almost straight, jet black hair rooted extra thick and dark bluish-grey for his eyes.

I had a lot of fun picking out his little layette.  The baby blues highlight the color of his eyes very nicely.  Dakota is a slight small for a newborn, so pre-shrinking of his clothes was in order to get the right fit.

I think he is SO adorable and I hope you agree!


Baby Love: Riley

Sometimes I find it extremely challenging to restrict myself to one craft and believe me, I’d be dangerous if I had more time on my hands!  Recently though, I have fallen in LOVE with reborn dolls and decided that I would try my hand at creating one.  Mind you, I already have a TON of sewing projects to work on here and there, but that’s another story.  ; >)

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as the process is a LOT more complicated than I originally thought.  The skin tone and hair definitely gave me the most difficulty.  I think next time I will splurge and buy a better quality mohair as the one I bought is a bit frizzy when it dries, plus I really think I should have left it a little bit longer so the curls would stay.

However, I think for my first baby she turned out really well!  Her name is Riley, and she is a sweet 22” newborn sculpt.   I used dark brown for her hair and lashes, and medium gray for her eyes.  As time did not permit me to make the ruffled dress and panty set that I originally had in mind, I decided to make her a little Asian satin kimono set instead.  I was VERY impatient to get her pics taken!  I hope you can see why!