Baby Love: Faith

This ADORABLE newborn baby was created from the “Cutie” sculpt by Donna RuBert.  She is not a custom-made baby, but is a sculpt that I have had my eye on for a while and I finally snagged one before it sold out again. 

Baby Faith is 21″ long, with full length vinyl arms and 3/4 legs. I really like the full arms as she can wear little sleeveless tops and dresses without a Onesie underneath.  She has super soft, jet black pixie cut mohair (straight with just a slight curve on the ends), rooted eyebrows, beautiful amber eyes, and long eyelashes.  

I was tempted to make her a boy, but because I am obsessed I already had a newborn-sized layette in my horde.  Dressing her up for her photo shoot was so much fun! 

I would love to have cuddled her longer, but she has already gone home with her sister Carly in Newark.  I miss them both!

Thanks for looking!


Baby Love: Donté

Dontè is my first “big” baby and my second boy.  I LOVE him!  He is so chubby and happy!  I have been thinking about a big baby for a while, and I looked at a few different sculpts before I decided on this one by Donna RuBert.  It is a huge, 9 month size, about 26″ long, with plenty of dimples, rolls and baby fat. Yum!  My original intent was to make this one a baby girl, as I already bought some cute little dresses and trimmings, but both me and my daughter thought when finished he looked more like a boy, so I went shopping (again) for a new layette and named him Donté.

I used curly dark brown hair as I did for Riley, but this time I did buy a better quality mohair.  I am happy to report that it made a BIG difference and it is definitely much more manageable than the other brand.  I also left it a bit longer, so when styled, the curls stay very nicely.  I’m glad.  I was nervous!  I also had a tricky time trying to get his weight just right as I needed him to be cuddly and a bit poseable, but not floppy like a newborn baby would be.

I decided to shy away from baby blue for his layette as I wanted to do something different and it’s hard to find clothes for big babies that are baby-ish.  I think the greens and yellows look great against his skin tone, though, and the ducks are SO cute!  I hope you agree!