Vintage Pattern Review: Kwik Sew 1247

Ahhh…Kwik Sew. Not exactly my favorite pattern manufacturer, but they DO have some really cute vintage ones that can be sewn up in a flash for impatients such as myself.

Number 1247 Misses Babydoll Nightgown: Views A and B have a scoop neckline gathered with elastic forming a sweet ruffle. Neckline, armholes and bottom edge are finished with lace. View A is knee length, View B is the shorter length gown with panties.

I thought this pattern was a bit challenging as the top ended up quite loose in the bust and the bottoms were WAY too tight.  In my enthusiasm I cut and sewed up two sets (WHY did I do that?) To me they look more like maternity pajamas, but at least they conceal my wobbly bits. LOL

I probably won’t make this version again, but I am tempted to try my hand at the B version in a stretchy nylon. (With bigger bloomers of course!)


Vintage Pattern Review: Simplicity 8183

I bought this SUPER cute 1960’s backless dress pattern on Etsy a few months ago.  I already had the PERFECT fabric to make it with, a blue cotton floral with a it of stretch.  It almost has a Hawaiian feel to it, doesn’t it?

This pattern definitely satisfied my sewing fix as it was very fast and easy to sew.  I made no changes to the pattern (save the measurements…a size 10? I wish!), and I used two vintage pearly flat fisheye buttons at the back.

I really like this design because of the peek-a-boo back.  It’s low, but not TOO low, so it’s perfect for concealing my “love handles”.  I think it turned out great!

Happy Sewing!

Cheeky Lacy Panties!

Recently I stumbled upon another awesome sewing tutorial, this time for a SWEET pair of cheeky lace panties by Deby of So Sew Easy.  I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to dive into making underwear, but they were SO cute I just had to give it a try!

The pattern is easy to print out and alter if necessary to accommodate your (ahem) curves.  I purchased the Café du Lait wide stretch lace from Sew Sassy Fabrics. It’s a steal at only $3.25 a yard and they have lots of colors and widths.

The instructions are very clear and the panties were a cinch to sew up.  For the crotch lining I sacrificed a less loved T-shirt from my sewing stash.

I think these turned out great and I’m looking forward to sewing up a few more pairs!

Thanks Deby!

Making My Daughter’s Jeans Into a New Bag!

Recently I stumbled upon Novita (aka Very Purple Person) on Burda’s website, where she shared an awesome FREE bag pattern and tutorial!  This little bag is SO cute and versatile.  It can be used as a purse or tote and it’s REVERSIBLE!

In my excitement to crank out something new, I dove right in!  I printed out the pattern and added about four inches to the length because I like big bags.  The lazy side of me didn’t want to fuss with pockets, so I used a pair of my daughter’s jeans that were ripped beyond repair.  I don’t know why I never threw them away, but I guess that’s the crafter/hoarder side of me coming out. LOL. For the reverse side I used a cut of metallic African Kente print from my stash.

This little bag sewed up like a dream, and I plan on making another soon!  If you’d like to make one, here’s the link to her blog: Very Purple Person.

Thanks Novita!

Repurposing Neck Ties Into Bow Ties

WOW!  Is it June already?  Where has the time gone?

This post SHOULD be titled “Liar, Liar” because when we last spoke I vowed to spend at least SOME time sewing for me…

Well, that has not happened yet.  I have to admit that I do get distracted for good reasons sometimes.  Which brings me to my newest obsession: Repurposing neck ties into bow ties for my hubby!

I think he is right on trend with his love of bow ties because of late I have seen scores of celebs rocking them.  But ouch, the price of the really nice ones!  So, I went shopping for ones I wouldn’t mind cutting up (just in case things went badly), and followed the Make It & Love It tutorial on how to do it.

I took a few pics before cutting the neckties and a few more after.  Even I can’t believe how well they turned out!  I’ll probably never make a bow tie from scratch again and he LOVES them!

Thanks Ashley for the awesome tutorial!

One Mudprint – Four Ways

I’ve been hoarding this lo-va-lee cut of green, black, and white mudprint in my stash for quite a while.  It’s a medium weight woven that amazingly was already embellished with genuine cowrie shells!  I know I must have bought it at LEAST five years ago at Jo-Ann Fabrics, whose buyers obviously believe that there’s no market for ethnic prints because as of late they haven’t carried ANY (sorry, that’s a sore spot).  I just couldn’t decide what to make, knowing I couldn’t get my hands on any more.  Pathetic.

I finally grew tired of taking it out, admiring it, touching it, measuring it, and putting back, so here’s what came out of it: A strapless dress (the blouse is from my closet), overbust corset, waist corset, and iPad sleeve (if you’re a techie like me).

Don’t you just LOVE progress? LOL

♥ Yea Love!

A lo-va-lee lady from London (yes, the UK!) found me on Etsy and asked me to create some coordinating items for her upcoming nuptials.  She selected an African kente and mudprint cotton fabric (one of my faves, but so hard to come by! I should have bought two bolts!) for a ladies corset belt, baby slippers and a girls corset top.

Well, I think they turned out wonderfully!  (Now might be a good time to start begging for wedding pics! Lol)  I don’t have much time anymore for custom items, but I just couldn’t say no and I’m so glad I didn’t!

Yea love!