About Me


My name is Tameka Matae.  I am a Pittsburgh native, avid seamstress, and amateur everything else!  I am a former Clarissa School of Fashion Design student, and I have been sewing for a little over 26 years.  I specialize in the use of ethnic textiles for sewing and quilting, and happily my designs have been featured in The Boston Bay-State Banner, The New Pittsburgh Courier, The Pittsburgh Press, on TheRoot.com, the KDKA Morning Show and Pittsburgh Fashion Week.

In addition to ethnic-inspired clothing, I also have a love for all things vintage. I’ve always admired my grandmothers in their hats and gloves every Sunday morning and adored the look of Hollywood starlets in old black and white movies.  Over the years I have been collecting vintage sewing patterns, which in turn led to my ever-growing wardrobe of vintage reproduction clothing.

The Urban Stitches blog showcases my oftentimes zany adventures in sewing, but also features my addiction to creating one-of-a-kind reborn dolls, quilts, and just about anything else I can find the time to create!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Sewing!