Baby Love: Dakota

During one of my sewing “breaks” I decided to work on one of the reborn kits I’ve been hoarding.  I promised myself that this is really my last break, because I MUST get some dresses cranked out before summer is over.  We will see how that goes….

In the meantime, may I introduce Dakota.  He is a sweet 17” newborn sculpt by Michelle Fagan.   I thought his facial expression was so unique, almost like he is going to let out a tiny little “pick me up and cuddle me” cry at any moment!

I tried a different technique for his skin tone as I was trying to create a Native American look.  While I’m not convinced of the authenticity, I really like the way it turned out.  (Now I just have to remember what I did. Lol)  This time I used almost straight, jet black hair rooted extra thick and dark bluish-grey for his eyes.

I had a lot of fun picking out his little layette.  The baby blues highlight the color of his eyes very nicely.  Dakota is a slight small for a newborn, so pre-shrinking of his clothes was in order to get the right fit.

I think he is SO adorable and I hope you agree!