Repurposing Neck Ties Into Bow Ties

WOW!  Is it June already?  Where has the time gone?

This post SHOULD be titled “Liar, Liar” because when we last spoke I vowed to spend at least SOME time sewing for me…

Well, that has not happened yet.  I have to admit that I do get distracted for good reasons sometimes.  Which brings me to my newest obsession: Repurposing neck ties into bow ties for my hubby!

I think he is right on trend with his love of bow ties because of late I have seen scores of celebs rocking them.  But ouch, the price of the really nice ones!  So, I went shopping for ones I wouldn’t mind cutting up (just in case things went badly), and followed the Make It & Love It tutorial on how to do it.

I took a few pics before cutting the neckties and a few more after.  Even I can’t believe how well they turned out!  I’ll probably never make a bow tie from scratch again and he LOVES them!

Thanks Ashley for the awesome tutorial!