One Mudprint – Four Ways

I’ve been hoarding this lo-va-lee cut of green, black, and white mudprint in my stash for quite a while.  It’s a medium weight woven that amazingly was already embellished with genuine cowrie shells!  I know I must have bought it at LEAST five years ago at Jo-Ann Fabrics, whose buyers obviously believe that there’s no market for ethnic prints because as of late they haven’t carried ANY (sorry, that’s a sore spot).  I just couldn’t decide what to make, knowing I couldn’t get my hands on any more.  Pathetic.

I finally grew tired of taking it out, admiring it, touching it, measuring it, and putting back, so here’s what came out of it: A strapless dress (the blouse is from my closet), overbust corset, waist corset, and iPad sleeve (if you’re a techie like me).

Don’t you just LOVE progress? LOL


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