Baby Love: Riley

Sometimes I find it extremely challenging to restrict myself to one craft and believe me, I’d be dangerous if I had more time on my hands!  Recently though, I have fallen in LOVE with reborn dolls and decided that I would try my hand at creating one.  Mind you, I already have a TON of sewing projects to work on here and there, but that’s another story.  ; >)

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as the process is a LOT more complicated than I originally thought.  The skin tone and hair definitely gave me the most difficulty.  I think next time I will splurge and buy a better quality mohair as the one I bought is a bit frizzy when it dries, plus I really think I should have left it a little bit longer so the curls would stay.

However, I think for my first baby she turned out really well!  Her name is Riley, and she is a sweet 22” newborn sculpt.   I used dark brown for her hair and lashes, and medium gray for her eyes.  As time did not permit me to make the ruffled dress and panty set that I originally had in mind, I decided to make her a little Asian satin kimono set instead.  I was VERY impatient to get her pics taken!  I hope you can see why!